The Candor Town Hall is located on Town Hall Road, between Vergas and Detroit Lakes, MN

Candor Township is responsible for providing many services to its residents. The details of township services are written up as policies and approved by the Township Board.

As a township our biggest responsibility is our roads. Making sure they are maintained year round. Keeping the ditches clean and brushed back.

Supporting our local Fire and Rescue departments is another major part of our responsibility. We are part owner in the CDH Vergas Fire and Rescue and are very proud of the men and women who volunteer their time to protecting our community.


Drive Way Requirements

  • All new driveways require a permit
  • 15 Inch Culverts
  • Drive way needs to be below the level of the road
  • Come to board meeting for variance permit

Septic Variance

  • Come to board meeting for permit

Well Variance

  • Come to board meeting for variance

C D H - Vergas Fire & Rescue

The CDH-Vergas Fire Association was formed in 1905.  The Fire Association is owned by the Townships of Candor, Dora and Hobart and the City of Vergas.  They cover an area of 84 square miles covering most of Hobart Township, all of Candor Township, most of Dora Township and all of the City of Vergas.

The CDH-Vergas Fire Assn currently has 21 Members on the Fire Department and 23 members on the Rescue Squad. Some members do double duty by serving on both the Fire Department and the Rescue Squad.  The Fire Dept. goes on an average of 40 calls per year. These calls range from structure fires, car accidents, wildland fire, special rescue and false alarms.  The rescue goes on an average of 70 calls per year, mainly medical calls.

The CDH-Vergas Fire Assn currently has one engine, one tanker/pumper, one tanker, one rescue ambulance, two rescue trucks, two wildland fire trucks, one special rescue trailer and an ATV.

Throughout the year, the CDH-Vergas Fire Assn does several fundraisers to raise money for equipment and supplies.