Candor Township Resolutions

Resolutions are generally used by town boards to express a particular position, to make an appointment or designation, or to adopt a policy that, while potentially binding on the township, is administrative or ministerial, and not legislative in nature. Common examples of resolutions include the following:

  1. Recognizing the special efforts of a group of volunteers
  2. Appointing someone to a board, commission, or other such post
  3. Adopting a policy on how the town board will handle a particular duty

Certain actions must be taken by adopting a resolution, such as: designating minimum maintenance roads, designating rustic roads, abandoning a road, designating polling place hours, and authorizing contracts in a conflict-of-interest situation.

Resolutions generally are not subject to any formal method of adoption. This means that unless a specific statute provides otherwise, a resolution only requires a simple majority vote of those voting on the issue. There is no requirement that they be signed or published, although it is recommended that they be signed so that it is clear that they have been officially adopted by the town board.

Source:  Minnesota Association of Townships